The Karen Gaffney Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to championing the journey to full inclusion in families, schools, communities and the workplace for people with Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities. Through a series of personal appearances, motivating speeches, webinars, workshops and blogs, Karen Gaffney, a young woman with Down syndrome, and others like her will:

  • Instill renewed hope for a full, productive and inclusive life in the hearts and minds of new parents of a child born with Down syndrome or other learning disability
  • Motivate parents to new thinking and positive action so they will begin immediately building the potential of their child day by day
  • Heighten awareness and raise expectations of students, counselors, educators and those in the medical profession of the capabilities of children with Down syndrome to learn, grow and contribute in an inclusive setting
  • Promote community involvement and action for an inclusion revolution with people living with intellectual disabilities

DETERMINATION – It’s found on the 21st chromosome!

What’s New?

Karen “Makes a Case for Down Syndrome” at the United Nations on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, 2019.

The Center for Family and Human Rights  and the Holy See Mission to the United Nations sponsored this event for World Down Syndrome Day. This event focused on the inherent dignity and worth of persons with Down syndrome, their contribution to society in all spheres of life, and the concrete cultural, legal, and policy changes necessary for persons with Down syndrome to reach their full potential.

Click the play button below or follow this link to watch view the entire session.